Resume Rehab

Whether you’re unemployed or underemployed, you’re probably looking to further your career. As fashionable, creative ladies in a dog-eat-dog recession, you need to have a resume that stands out from the rest. Let’s start with your current resume; it’s white paper, black Times New Roman, single-spaced font size 11pt, am I right? IT’S TIME TO STEP UP YOUR GAME, LADIES!

SAMPLE resLet’s utilize those Photoshop, graphic design, and other creative skills to prove to our future employers just how talented and valuable we are in a more visual way, as well as through text. Choose a format/style that adheres to your industry. As I’m working in PR/Social Media currently, I chose a Facebook stylized header, with unique fonts from DaFont.  I chose to use each company’s logo, while other users I looked to for inspiration chose to use basic icons of stylized arrows or the more modern and simple briefcase (for work experience), cap (for education) and telephone (for references).

Work Experience

For your work experience, try to only list the last 3-5 positions you’ve held. Omit the boring internships where you didn’t do much more than go for coffee runs and opt for positions in which you actually DID work. Use key terms that you know your future employer will be elated to read about, for example,if you grew a company’s social media reach, or implemented a new strategy for business.

Most of all, don’t be afraid of slight embellishments. No, I’m not condoning lying in the slightest, but if you worked for a small business where you wore many hats or had a lot of responsibilities, you can strive and word your position better. Many small businesses don’t have the funds to hire say sales associattes AND separate PR or Visual Merchandising teams. In this case, highlight your best achievements and (after checking with a supervisor), fluff up your title at the company to something that may sound more impressive but that still encompasses your role in the company.


Education should be clean and simple; unless you went to a prestigious boarding school or technical school that you are still using skills learned, there’s no need to include your high school. DO, however, include any extra-curriculars from college that you were a part of; employers these days really value a team player!


Being a creative type, or any type, you should highlight your skill sets on your resume, as well as volunteer work, if you have any in your general field, to show that you love your work so much you even volunteer your time for free to help out when you can!

If you work in a more conservative field, feel free to opt for a cleaner, less visual resume, but remember to be innovative and prove your relevance by choosing a modern layout. Columns and highlighted boxes are a subtle way to add a modern touch to a generic older resume.

What do you think of modern resumes? Will you be re-doing your resume to something relevant? If you have any questions or want any expert resume help, feel free to contact me via email and I will do my best to help you create an impressive resume to help you land a dream job! Or at least a job that you’re after for the time being!

Written by Sahra


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