Office Lunch Ideas that are Cheaper Than Going Out

Lunch at GOMA South Brrisbane by John via Flickr

Lunch at GOMA South Brrisbane by John via Flickr

Greetings UnderEmployed Fashionistas! Today’s post is for the gal who has landed an office job, yay! But with an office job comes the temptation of hanging out with your new office friends while out for lunch, which, of course, is legitimately fun. However, we at The UnderEmployed Fashionias know how fast that cost can add up! According to Forbes, the average American spends $10 twice a week for an out office lunch, or more (as high as a $21 average for men!). This can mean nearly $1k spent yearly! Or $936, according to Forbes’ data. $936! Think of the all the fashion you could have instead! In order to help you fashionistas save money, I have come up with a list of cheaper lunch alternatives that doesn’t have to leave you feeling budget-y, and isn’t an obvious boring choice like making a sandwich or buying Lean Cuisine.


Make It: Pasta with Shrimp! Check out this recipe for an un-boring pasta meal you can make the night before and enjoy! Adding shrimp, or another meat or meat substitute, keeps this meal from feeling cheap and boring. Bonus: it averages out to be about $2.50 per serving! Want a fancier meat? Go for the cheap store pasta! Or try a fancier sauce and get the sale meat of the week.

Buy It: Evol burritos are delicious, a satisfying size, and only cost $2.99 at Whole Foods, some Targets, and services like Relay Foods! Plus, they also have gluten free ones, and breakfast options.


Make It or Buy It: Soups and chili! You’d be surprised how inexpensive it can be to make your own soups! Check out this chili recipe that prices at $1.36 per serving. Too lazy to make soup? Canned soup is usually just as inexpensive, especially if you are ok with generic brands, or buy in bulk!


Make It: Fajita-Style Quesadillas – $0.43 per serving! Check out the recipe and the price break down here.

Buy It: The UnderEmployed Fashionista stand by, ramen noodles or single serve mac and cheese! Ramen can be as cheap as $0.20 when bought in bulk!

Written by Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rice is a lawyer by day who is breaking free from the corporate world one sprinkle of glitter at a time. Over at Girl Got Glitter she is inspiring women to find their inner glitter and shine from the inside out. She also is a compulsive organizer, loves fluffy little kitties, and drinks way too much coffee. Stop by Girl Got Glitter and become a GlitterFriend or connect on Google+ for more fun!

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