Ban Cable: Get Netflix!

Welcome my UnderEmployed Fashionistas, to a new series we’ll be running! Ever thought to yourself your cable bill was too high? We all must have. Thanks to modern technologies though, there are affordable ways to get your boob-tube on! And that’s exactly what this series will be about; 6 parts on how to BAN CABLE from your life and save some dough. The first part  is all about the cult favorite, NetFlix.

Here’s the Lowdown:netfllix

Netflix’s “Smart curation” picks up on what you’ve previously watched (and also lets you rate previously watched titles) to suggest shows and movies you will probably like. In the mood for a chick flick marathon? They can whip that up better than an FX Movie night. Also, no commercials. Just hit the “pause” button whenever you’re ready to take a pee break or need to pop some corn.

Clearly, Netflix is great for watching when you want, but lacks the live viewing of brand new episodes of your favorite shows.

Want to weigh in with your thoughts?

Written by Sahra

Sahra is a 24 year old fashion professional currently residing in the Nation’s Capital, with roots in New England and city years under her belt from New York City. She is founder of the UnderEmployed Fashionistas, NYC Fashion Bloggers Group, and blogger behind Que Sera Sahra. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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