Who We Are

dividersahra faceSahra Schukraft, Editor in Chief
Location: Washington, DC
Email: sahra@underemployedfashionistas.com

A fashion entrepreneur at heart, Sahra has written for her own personal style blog, Que Sera, Sahra, FemInspire.com, and worked every aspect of the fashion world from retail to showrooms, to PR & events, and everything in between. She knew at a young age that fashion is her calling, but she just can’t pick one part she loves most, so she does it all, with the help of her one and only cat/love, Maven. Follow her on InstaGram  and Twitter!


daniDani Kaminski, Contributing Writer
Location: New York City, NY/Philadelphia, PA

Vintage-obsessed camping enthusiast, Dani is a denim designer in NYC by day and an admitted farmer’s market addict. She currently survives in Brooklyn, is a compulsive cat hoarder and self proclaimed amateur chef  with an online vintage clothing store and blog, Disowned.
Follow her on Instagram!


Liz Walker, Chicago resident, is an office manager by trade and avid Morrissey fan by madness.  She is also known to paint silly things and write about stuff she gets much too excited about, like thrift stores and Lance Henriksen.  Her babbling has appeared in independent publications worldwide, including Bespoke ZineVintage Lifestyle Magazine, and Auxiliary Magazine, to which she is a regular contributor.  You can follow her Pinterest boards at http://www.pinterest.com/sloeginlizz/


Elizabeth Rice is a lawyer by day who is breaking free from the corporate world one sprinkle of glitter at a time. Over at Girl Got Glitter she is inspiring women to find their inner glitter and shine from the inside out. She also is a compulsive organizer, loves fluffy little kitties, and drinks way too much coffee. Stop by Girl Got Glitter and become a GlitterFriend or connect on Google+ for more fun!

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